The apps I’m using daily or for specific activities. Prices are from the date of writing.


Sublime Text Windows, OSX, Linux Code editor $80
Atom Windows, OSX, Linux Code editor Free (open source)
VS Code / Codium Windows, OSX, Linux Code editor Free (open source)
Jetbrains Rider Windows, OSX, Linux C# IDE €140/year
JetBrains CLion Windows, OSX, Linux  C++ IDE €200/year
JetBrains PyCharm Windows, OSX, Linux  C++ IDE €200/year
SmartGit Windows, OSX, Linux Git client $59/year (free for non-commercial projects)
GitKraken Windows, OSX, Linux Git client $29+/year (free for public repositories)
SourceTree Windows, OSX Git client Free
Day-O OSX  Top-bar calendar Free

Productivity / Management

OneNote Windows, OSX Digital notebook Free (inside OneDrive storage limit of 5GB )
Fantastical 2 OSX  Calendar app €39.99
Day-O OSX  Top-bar calendar Free


Slack Web, Windows, OSX, Linux Channel-based team messaging app/service Free


Affinity Designer Windows, OSX Vector/Raster graphics editor  €54.99
Aseprite  Windows, OSX, Linux Pixel art editor  $14.99
PikoPixel  OSX, Linux Pixel art editor  Free (open-source)


Launchy Windows, OSX, Linux Keyboard app launcher Free (donationware)
AutoHotKey Windows Keyboard macro program Free (open source)
HyperDock + HyperSwitch OSX Window behavior manager  €6.95 (with demo) + Beta
cDock OSX Dock customization Free (open source)
Alfred / Quicksilver / Launchbar OSX Keyboard app launchers €0+ / Free / €29
BetterTouchTool OSX Keyboard and mouse shortcut / gesture manager  €4.5+ (pay more if you want)
Karabiner + Seil  OSX (use Karabiner-Elements for Sierra) Keyboard customizer Free (donationware, open source)
ShowyEdge OSX Keyboard language indicator Free
XtraFinder OSX Finder extension Free
Palua OSX Fn keys switcher  $1 (unavailable)
f.lux OSX Computer screen color adapter Free
Easystroke Gesture Recognition Linux  Mouse shortcut / gesture manager Free (open source)

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