The apps I’m using daily or for specific activities. Prices are from the date of writing.


Launchy Windows, OSX, Linux Keyboard app launcher Free (donationware)
AutoHotKey Windows Keyboard macro program Free (open source)
HyperDock + HyperSwitch OSX Window behavior manager  €6.95 (with demo) + Beta
cDock OSX Dock customization Free (open source)
Alfred / Quicksilver / Launchbar OSX Keyboard app launchers €0+ / Free / €29
BetterTouchTool OSX Keyboard and mouse shortcut / gesture manager  €4.5+ (pay more if you want)
Karabiner + Seil  OSX (use Karabiner-Elements for Sierra) Keyboard customizer Free (donationware, open source)
ShowyEdge OSX Keyboard language indicator Free
XtraFinder OSX Finder extension Free
Palua OSX Fn keys switcher  $1 (unavailable)
f.lux OSX Computer screen color adapter Free
Easystroke Gesture Recognition Linux  Mouse shortcut / gesture manager Free (open source)

Productivity / Management

OneNote Windows, OSX Digital notebook Free (inside OneDrive storage limit of 5GB )
Fantastical 2 OSX  Calendar app €39.99
Day-O OSX  Top-bar calendar Free


Slack Web, Windows, OSX, Linux Channel-based team messaging app/service Free


Affinity Designer Windows, OSX Vector/Raster graphics editor  €54.99
Aseprite  Windows, OSX, Linux Pixel art editor  $14.99
PikoPixel  OSX, Linux Pixel art editor  Free (open-source)

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